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Hello! :) Mira here, and I would like to say that I made this thing awhile ago and forgot about it, but now that I guess we're getting more cosplays it'll be updated more.


Baka and I cosplay, in total:

- John Egbert (Homestuck)
- Dave Strider (Homestuck)
- Jane Crocker (Homestuck)
- Roxy Lalonde (Homestuck)
- Eridan Ampora [WIP] (Homestuck)
- Sollux Captor [WIP] (Homestuck)
- Tavros Nitram [WIP] (Homestuck)
- Gamzee Makara [WIP] (Homestuck)

So yeah! We will (maybe, if she's cooperative enough) have special "guests" as you can say, with:
- Karkat Vantas (Homestuck)

So yeah! Ask us anything!

I'll try to make sure to tag everything correctly. >/////<
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EB: looks like I went overboard with the pictures…

((OOC: Happy birthday, Daaaaaave :D))

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